The secret of: The odds

This is one of the last secrets and might appear as the easiest or the one that makes the most common sense. To increase your odds of getting into nursing school, apply to “A LOT” of nursing schools. Not only should you apply to A LOT, but apply often, I have suggested this method to multiple students only to receive comments like:

  • “That will cost me 30$ for an application fee for every school I apply to!”. My answer…”and you will be making how much an hour to work as a nurse?”…this is equal to what you will make as a nurse in one hour! If you really want to be a nurse, then play the odds and pay the application fee.
  • “It is too much work to keep track of what is required for each school”… I will give you a sample grid/checkbox form that will make your life easier to track the schools and to make sure you have met all the requirements. (Refer to Bonus Book)
  • “I will wait and see if I get in, then maybe I will apply to some other school”… This will only delay your dream, the amount of money you will be missing is significant by waiting…your knowledge from your pre requisites will be harder to draw upon the longer you wait.
  • “I am comfortable going to this school, I know the campus”…As a nurse you will be put into new experiences and new situations daily…if you have trouble with this one…you should re-think the occupation of nursing
  • “I don’t want to drive the extra 15 minutes”… we covered this issue with our first secrets…get over the mental barrier and drive the extra time and begin your career sooner.


Play the odds and apply to many schools and apply often. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive 5 acceptance letters and then have the option of asking some of those questions we discussed earlier to determine the best program to sign on with? This is a nice problem to have…Which one do I CHOOSE?

Other Odds to consider: What part of the country has the most RN programs? By region consider these #’s for best Odds: Might want to consider moving to an area of 632 RN programs and increase your odds.

West: 315/ South: 632 / Midwest: 489 / North Atlantic: 337

More odds to help you decide: where did everyone graduate from in 2009:

61% from AD programs/ 36% BSN / 3% diploma

Use these odds to your benefit: you always hear about how full nursing programs are and how they turn away qualified candidates: well, Put the odds in your favor:

LPN/PN: 21% of programs turned away qualified candidates which leaves… 79% who, if you qualified you were accepted.

ADN: 42 % of programs turned away qualified candidates, which leaves… 58% who, if you qualified you were accepted.

Diploma: 51% of programs turned away qualified candidates, which leaves…49% who, if you qualified you were accepted.

BSN: 24% of programs turned away qualified candidates, which leaves… 76% who, if you qualified you were accepted.

These odds say… play them and go for the BSN with a 76% or 79% for LPN ( remember to use this one for the back door secret).

In 2008 , 1 in 10 programs had unfilled seats… empty seats they did NOT FILL! Play the odds and… Better yet, play the local odds and ask around at the programs nearest you for the best odds, apply a lot and often.

For more odds go to :

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