The secret of: The follow up

This secret is the one you use to find out WHY you did not get into the program you applied to. Many students avoid doing this because of pride issues. They are upset and sad that they did not get in. To discuss it further is upsetting to them. They are afraid of what might be said about them. It is very important for you to swallow your pride and follow-up. No one likes rejection! But, to improve your odds for applying again and to other programs you will need this information.



The nursing program may send you a very generic letter stating you were not accepted. Others may tell you why you did not get in, but in vague terms. You need specifics! Why do you need specifics? Because you need to know what to fix! If it is test scores then you will seek out test prep courses and practice taking the exams , because you can improve your scores. If grades are an issue, then you will consider retaking some of the classes. And make sure that this will spur you to apply to many programs and apply often, remember that different quarters and different programs have different standards.

You will call and talk to the dean, or dept. chair or admission chairman or all three. Send a follow up letter requesting this information. Why was I turned down, specifics please. This also shows the program that you are determined, able to adjust, willing to improve, willing to look at weakness for improvement…. all desirable characteristics in a nurse. When you talk to the above program you will be polite and most appreciative of any feedback they have. If you present yourself as angry, hostile, or contentious, then do not call !

If you are angry then wait before calling and practice in front of a mirror so none of those attitudes come out.

Many times the reason for rejection is as simple as your CPR provider certification was expired or you lack the proper documentation for some small item that was required like immunization records. The program may not go to the trouble of telling you the specifics. These are easy fixes. Better yet, make sure your file is complete before it is submitted for consideration. If you want reassurance call the secretary in the nursing program and ask them if it is complete. This measure will keep you from receiving a rejection letter based on some small fixable item.

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