The Secret Of: Government Programs That Pay For Your Nursing School

Let’s talk about other programs besides those talked about in secret # 14.  Many schools offer an additional program called the TRIO-SSSP( not even sure what the initials stand for, only that they always called it the TRIO program). This is a federally funded program to serve associates degree seeking students. Students receive financial aid and other assistance. The school must apply for a grant to be able to administer this program.

To qualify for this program you will need to show financial need and that you are the first in your family to pursue a college degree or you have disabilities. The term disabilities may be used to define a multitude of things: like test or math anxiety ( with some documentation , usually harmless to obtain), so if you are not the first in your family to pursue a college degree then really look at the disability portion definition to see if you have overlooked qualifying in this area ( get a list from the school).

Government Programs

This program provides some great services  other than financial help. Consider all  of these areas that may be offered:

  • Advising:  help with choosing classes for your nursing pre-requisites, matching your time and availability to credit load and instructors. They can help with other financial aid and scholarships. They assist with transferring to a 4 year college or university after finishing your AD RN degree if you desire to earn your RN- BSN degree.
  • Counseling: they help you learn to manage your time and prioritize. Assist with coping of family demands or work demands, assisting with personal crises or anything that may interfere with your success as a student.
  • Free tutoring :  Usually this is one on one tutoring for most of your college classes, provided by  professional and trained peers or others knowledgeable in the course content. They are helpful with strategies to help your learning.
  • Study skills help which may include:  Information or seminars on key college success skills. Which may include: how to take lecture notes effectively, study strategies, dealing with and overcoming test anxiety, how to write a paper, time management, computer assistance, possibly special study areas  and other helpful topics.

The above services are a real asset to students. Good idea…if you qualify for this program is to make sure it is offered at your school. It may be worth an extra 15 minute drive to attend a school where this program is offered and you qualify.  Once a college has this program they usually are able to reapply and keep it every year. Remember FREE money and assistance with TRIO.

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