The secret of: Getting the perfect job before graduating from nursing school

What do you do to beat the bad reputation of your school and get the competitive edge for the ideal job?

Consider every day that you are providing patient care at a clinical location as a job interview. Be looking for the perfect place to work. How will you know which floor of the hospital or clinical site is the ideal one to work? You will be asking and watching for answers to these questions:

  • Are the nurses happy there and friendly?
  • Are the nurses helpful to the students?
  • Is it a team environment/ where everyone helps each other?
  • Does the nurse manager have great leadership skills and get along with all team members?
  • Do nurses go there and stay?
  • Do float nurses request to work on this floor?
  • Are you recognized for your ideas and contributions on this floor?
  • So patients have a good experience on this floor?


When you find that place you want to work you will then:

  • Give your best performance, show them your “stuff”.
  • Be at your best professionally.
  • Make friends with the nurses that work there.
  • Do not avoid the nurse manager or charge nurse ( like most students do).Get to know them.
  • Assist when needed even though it is not your “job”.
  • Talk to the nurses about who hires for the floor and what it takes to get a spot there.
  • Now go talk to the person above before you have finished your rotation and let them know you are interested. Because that person will watch you and ask around about you. All nurse managers want to hire a known quantity vs. a random nurse who may not be so good.

Not all nurse jobs are created equally. You want something more than just the ability to make great money. That money will be so “Hard Earned” if you are working in an unpleasant environment, it will not seem enough. So use the strategies listed above to land you the perfect job now that you are finished with nursing school…yeah!!

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