Follow all the rules, All of them!

This seems too obvious to include. But time and time again, students will assume that not all the rules apply to them. They will try to talk, yell, argue and even lie to show that the rules do not apply to them.

I recently had a student lie about attending an advising appointment. One of our requirements for admission is you must have attended an advising appointment. This student had not done that and was up against the deadline date and no advising appointment was available. Her solution: to create a piece of paper that had some classes handwritten on it and show it to the secretary and tell her that an advisor( specific name given) had given it to her at an advising appointment. Continue reading

Getting 85% of your loans paid for by someone else

We have talked about the importance of not working too much in nursing school and how that can influence your success. So the question is how can I live and afford to go to nursing school? If federal grant money, scholarships, employer money that was talked about earlier is not available then you are in need of loans.

There are a multitude of loans available to you. Nursing as an educational pick qualifies you for many loans. You can afford nursing school with the use of these. Some will have deferred interest and all should have deferred payments until graduation from nursing school. Use these resources vs. credit cards or loan sharks. The interest rate and pay back terms will be manageable. Continue reading

Secret of : BEST study methods to score HIGH on exams

You will need to do well on pre-requisite class exams, admittance exams, nursing exams and the final NCLEX exam to receive your RN license. In order to do well on these exams it is prudent to follow what research says is the best way to study for exams.

What does the research say?

What is the most effective way to study?

A research study of 80 undergraduates studying scientific material was utilized. Continue reading

What are Employers Expectations for a New Grad Nurse

They are looking for a new grad nurse to be competent, proficiency will come! This will happen with time.


Expectations for competency would include:

  • Be able to use the nursing process: talked about earlier: Assess Diagnosis, Plan, and Evaluate. Can develop a care plan and follow an existing plan.
  • Recognize your own limitations and know your abilities: As a new nurse you will not know all the answers or what to do in all situations, but you are expected to know when to ask for help and to know when you are in over your head and to seek assistance. Best not to fake it here, it is expected for you to ask for help! It may involve your patient’s safety if you don’t.
  • Have enough knowledge to provide safe care and for decision-making. You must know when an emergency or complication is occurring and where to go for help. Continue reading

Nursing Programs Requirements

The secret of ” Automatically in the nursing program”

What does the term “automatically in” mean? It sure sounds good. Wouldn’t you love to be “automatically in” without having to go through the competitive application process of most nursing programs.

The only requirement for admission to their nursing program is admittance to the school. That’s how the student Sarah did it. She was admitted to the school and therefore could enter the nursing program. There may be  stipulations to stay in the program where they want you to maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. or no lower than a C- in the nursing classes…..but they pretty much would all allow you to repeat a course if you failed to meet the minimum G.P.A. , so don’t stress about this little catch. Continue reading

How to Become a Nurse

I don’t like people, can I be a nurse?

You will be dealing with the public and a good trait for the occupation of nursing would be to “like people” but not a total deal breaker.

I had a student once who came to me for advice after her first quarter of nursing school and told me she was going to quit nursing school….her reason: “she had decided that she really didn’t like people or being around people.” On the surface this sounds like a pretty good reason to leave nursing. Continue reading

How To Find a Nursing Job

The job of RN is in demand with a projected 800,000 shortage by 2020. Several reasons are responsible for the shortage and demand for RN’s. The demand for RN’s is expected to increase in all areas, with a increase in demand by 40% between 2000 and 2020. There are multiple reasons for the demand.

  • Aging workforce: the majority of RN’s in practice are age 48-57 and heading for retirement. There are not enough student nurses in the pipeline to replace the number projected to retire Continue reading

What Are The Requirements to Becoming an EMT?

Do you want to work as an EMT?

Let’s assume that you answered yes since you’re still reading. What do you need to do to get work in the field? What are the next steps in order for you to get started?

Let’s look at EMT requirements and what you need. After conduction some research I wanted to highlight the general preparation that you need to work as an emergency medical technician:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Be over 18.
  • Hold a driver’s license in good standing.
  • Be in good physical health.
  • Complete some sort of EMT program.
  • Be willing to work in a team in a high-pressure environment. Continue reading