Secret of : BEST study methods to score HIGH on exams

You will need to do well on pre-requisite class exams, admittance exams, nursing exams and the final NCLEX exam to receive your RN license. In order to do well on these exams it is prudent to follow what research says is the best way to study for exams.

What does the research say?

What is the most effective way to study?

A research study of 80 undergraduates studying scientific material was utilized. Continue reading

How to Become a Nurse

I don’t like people, can I be a nurse?

You will be dealing with the public and a good trait for the occupation of nursing would be to “like people” but not a total deal breaker.

I had a student once who came to me for advice after her first quarter of nursing school and told me she was going to quit nursing school….her reason: “she had decided that she really didn’t like people or being around people.” On the surface this sounds like a pretty good reason to leave nursing. Continue reading