Online Nursing Program

Why do people have to study for  online schools? People who have to study online and want to finish their degree are those who are  housewife, working full time and working part time students. With the online schools they will be able to accomplish to finish their degree and fulfill their dream. Listed here are various top online  nursing schools to browse and check on the requirements of each schools.  The benefit of studying online is the flexibility of hours and that will work on the schedule of each person. The online schools offers  also to nursing students financial aid opportunities. Continue reading

What is Good Nursing

Nursing defined:

Is it a profession/ occupation or technical discipline? Is it a science or is it art? Nurses themselves cannot agree on a single definition. It involves knowing and doing.

Many colleges consider it a technical program. Because of this designation many people feel that the respect it deserves is not present. There is a move to elevate the designation of nursing to a profession. The majority of the public would view it as a profession and a very honorable one at that. Continue reading

SNO Group: How The Group Can Help You Get Into Nursing School

What do the initials SNO stand for?  (Student Nurses Organization) Most all schools have a chapter of this organization. The big secret is you do not have to be in nursing school to be a member. If you are just beginning your pre-requisites, or just started taking refresher courses for math and considering nursing as a career…. you qualify.

The next step is finding out when they meet. Contact their faculty advisor or get a list of the officers for SNO for this information, ask the nursing office secretary. Continue reading

The Secret Of: Government Programs That Pay For Your Nursing School

Let’s talk about other programs besides those talked about in secret # 14.  Many schools offer an additional program called the TRIO-SSSP( not even sure what the initials stand for, only that they always called it the TRIO program). This is a federally funded program to serve associates degree seeking students. Students receive financial aid and other assistance. The school must apply for a grant to be able to administer this program. Continue reading

How to Get a Nursing Scholarships

There is always a lot of hype around scholarships. And yes they are out there, but I will try to tell you where to go and when to spend the time to fill out those applications and when it is a total waste of your time.

I have a friend who recently went back to school to become a nutritionist. Her grades were good, but not great. She was  just awarded a $6,000 dollar scholarship from the 2 year community college she was attending. This more than paid for all of her expenses for the year of school. How did she do it? Continue reading

What is the History of Nursing Schools

To understand nursing today and the attitudes that exist around nursing we must look at nursing in the past.

Nursing has existed since the beginning of time, constantly evolving. Those performing this occupation have varied, from gender to occupation. In ancient civilizations like Egypt, it was performed by the priests, like most early cultures, they viewed health and security as keeping the gods happy. Illness meant that some presence of evil spirit was in the possession of the sick patient. To regain health the evil spirits needed to be driven out but, this culture did possess technology for health care. Papyrus books were found dating to 3000B.C. that outline surgical techniques, disease processes and classifications of over 700 drugs. Continue reading

How to Get a Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Nursing

This probably sounds crazy to a lot of you who don’t have one degree and you’re asking “why would someone with a degree want another one?”

There are many of you out there who have a bachelor’s degree but want to become a RN. The reasons vary: for example…

  • Hold a degree in an area where it is difficult to get a job or a decent paying job
  • Worked in a field  of study for so many years and really don’t like it anymore/ or never did.
  • Bored and ready for a new challenge
  • Had a life changing experience that is directing them to a new career
  • Pursuing their original interest of nursing, that was derailed by a well-meaning parent or advisor to go in another direction. Continue reading

What is nursing school like?

Nursing school is a full-time endeavor, unless you have found the option of a part-time program (a few exist, but are hard to find) the norm is full time.

The nursing courses will include classroom with a few exceptions of online programs. Your program may be a hybrid program which involves both online and classroom attendance. Most states & national accreditation boards dictate how many hours and general material that needs to be included. Continue reading