Essay Admittance to Nursing School

You may encounter the need to write an essay for admittance to nursing school. It may be titled: a personal statement, letter of intent or definition of nursing. Schools may use these as criteria for admittance to nursing school. Points may be assigned to the essay. Or it might be a pass or fail type criteria.

My school of nursing uses an essay not so much as criteria to get into the program but, it could be used as reason to keep you out. How so?

There are no points assigned to the essay we have students write. We use them to identify red flags for non-admittance vs. for admittance. Essays that show limited use of the English language are definitely a red flag. The essay needs to make sense. Be structurally sound. It needs to show that you can write in English, be understandable and have some type of flow to it. You would be amazed at some of the essays we have received, the grammar and formatting told us right away that this student will not be successful due to their mastery of the English language, regardless of the B grade they received in English 101. We are shocked when we see that type of disconnect between a passing grade in English and what is written. Continue reading