How to Become a Registered Nurse

 The Secret Back Door to get in:

Let’s talk about the secret back door to becoming a registered nurse. People overlook this option, because they don’t even know it exists.

In nursing you always hear about the registered nurse (RN) and when you read the want ads it is always the registered nurse(RN) that is mentioned  and offered the big salary.

What many of you don’t know: there is another level of nursing called LPN or PN/VN or LVN  licensed practical nurse, practical nurse, vocational nurse, or licensed vocational nurse (different  terms used by different states).  This nurse requires licensure by the state after an exam is taken just like the RN( NCLEX-PN). The time & courses  to complete this program is less than an RN and usually no degree is given by the college (except for North Dakota). The back door has to do with many schools offering this program and not an upfront RN program. Continue reading