What is Good Nursing

Nursing defined:

Is it a profession/ occupation or technical discipline? Is it a science or is it art? Nurses themselves cannot agree on a single definition. It involves knowing and doing.

Many colleges consider it a technical program. Because of this designation many people feel that the respect it deserves is not present. There is a move to elevate the designation of nursing to a profession. The majority of the public would view it as a profession and a very honorable one at that. Continue reading

What is nursing school like?

Nursing school is a full-time endeavor, unless you have found the option of a part-time program (a few exist, but are hard to find) the norm is full time.

The nursing courses will include classroom with a few exceptions of online programs. Your program may be a hybrid program which involves both online and classroom attendance. Most states & national accreditation boards dictate how many hours and general material that needs to be included. Continue reading

Nursing School Programs

Nursing is a very broad field that includes a number of undergraduate degree, diplomas and certificate programs all aimed at protecting people health, treating and offering therapy to patients. You can join the bachelor’s degree directly from high school or after 1 or 2 years of college level study. For the associate’s degree or the diploma and certificate program you join via direct entry. Continue reading