The secret of: The follow up

This secret is the one you use to find out WHY you did not get into the program you applied to. Many students avoid doing this because of pride issues. They are upset and sad that they did not get in. To discuss it further is upsetting to them. They are afraid of what might be said about them. It is very important for you to swallow your pride and follow-up. No one likes rejection! But, to improve your odds for applying again and to other programs you will need this information. Continue reading

The secret of: The odds

This is one of the last secrets and might appear as the easiest or the one that makes the most common sense. To increase your odds of getting into nursing school, apply to “A LOT” of nursing schools. Not only should you apply to A LOT, but apply often, I have suggested this method to multiple students only to receive comments like:

  • “That will cost me 30$ for an application fee for every school I apply to!”. My answer…”and you will be making how much an hour to work as a nurse?”…this is equal to what you will make as a nurse in one hour! If you really want to be a nurse, then play the odds and pay the application fee. Continue reading

Accelerated Nursing Schools

As a result of the nursing shortage experienced all over the United States counter measures were developed one being the accelerated nursing program. This is where a nurse is sent a nurse goes through nursing school much faster than is normally the case so as to increase the number of nurses in the healthcare industry. This program has been going on for quite some time and there are very many Accelerated nursing schools available all through the country. Many more schools that previously did not offer this program have begun offering it to their nursing students. Continue reading