SNO Group: How The Group Can Help You Get Into Nursing School

What do the initials SNO stand for?  (Student Nurses Organization) Most all schools have a chapter of this organization. The big secret is you do not have to be in nursing school to be a member. If you are just beginning your pre-requisites, or just started taking refresher courses for math and considering nursing as a career…. you qualify.

The next step is finding out when they meet. Contact their faculty advisor or get a list of the officers for SNO for this information, ask the nursing office secretary.


At these meetings you will be able to ask those ” million dollar questions”  Who should I take my pre-requisites from… who should I avoid? Utilize advisors for this information, but be aware that it could be seen as unprofessional to “rat out” a fellow professor on how easy or hard they are, you might not get the truth from this source but you will from the SNO members.

At these meetings you will find students where additional questions can be asked that are important and vital for secrets about getting into the nursing program. They can share :

  • What resources they used to study for the admitting test?
  • How hard was the admitting test?
  • Was the interview stressful?
  • Do you like the program at this school or would you recommend another one?
  • Where and from whom should I take my pre-requisites?
  • How much do you work? Which quarters can I work more in? How much can I work during my pre-requisites and still be successful?
  • Do you like nursing school ?
  • What is nursing school like?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Would you choose the same road again?
  • What type of GPA did you have in pre-requisites?
  • How competitive is it once I get in?

This resource is always overlooked. Of the 200 members of SNO at my college, there may be only 1 member that is not in nursing school but only taking pre-requisites.  Use this secret to give you answers to those vital questions.

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