What are the jobs for nurses

Regardless of setting or specialty, nurses are usually involved with the care, treatment and education of patients.  Some of the above mentioned jobs involve the community as your patient and education would occur to the community. You will provide emotional support to the patent as well as the patient’s family.

I could write a book about each of the above specialty areas of work describing what you would be doing in each area. You will be able to examine a lot of these areas as you are in school and attend clinicals, observing first hand. Ask questions and observe what the nurse is doing and ask yourself if you would enjoy that type of work. Ask them what special training they needed or was on the job training available….do they hire new graduates to the area? And above all impress the heck out of them so when graduation time comes they will want you! Continue reading

Nursing Programs Requirements

The secret of ” Automatically in the nursing program”

What does the term “automatically in” mean? It sure sounds good. Wouldn’t you love to be “automatically in” without having to go through the competitive application process of most nursing programs.

The only requirement for admission to their nursing program is admittance to the school. That’s how the student Sarah did it. She was admitted to the school and therefore could enter the nursing program. There may be  stipulations to stay in the program where they want you to maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. or no lower than a C- in the nursing classes…..but they pretty much would all allow you to repeat a course if you failed to meet the minimum G.P.A. , so don’t stress about this little catch. Continue reading

How to Become a Nurse

I don’t like people, can I be a nurse?

You will be dealing with the public and a good trait for the occupation of nursing would be to “like people” but not a total deal breaker.

I had a student once who came to me for advice after her first quarter of nursing school and told me she was going to quit nursing school….her reason: “she had decided that she really didn’t like people or being around people.” On the surface this sounds like a pretty good reason to leave nursing. Continue reading

How To Find a Nursing Job

The job of RN is in demand with a projected 800,000 shortage by 2020. Several reasons are responsible for the shortage and demand for RN’s. The demand for RN’s is expected to increase in all areas, with a increase in demand by 40% between 2000 and 2020. There are multiple reasons for the demand.

  • Aging workforce: the majority of RN’s in practice are age 48-57 and heading for retirement. There are not enough student nurses in the pipeline to replace the number projected to retire Continue reading

The Secret of the BEST study methods to score HIGH on Nursing Exams

You will need to do well on pre-requisite class exams, admittance exams, nursing exams and the final NCLEX exam to receive your RN license.  In order to do well on these exams it is prudent to follow what research says is the best way to study for exams.

What does the research say?

What is the most effective way to study?

A research study of 80 undergraduates studying scientific material was utilized. Continue reading

Online Nursing Program

Why do people have to study for  online schools? People who have to study online and want to finish their degree are those who are  housewife, working full time and working part time students. With the online schools they will be able to accomplish to finish their degree and fulfill their dream. Listed here are various top online  nursing schools to browse and check on the requirements of each schools.  The benefit of studying online is the flexibility of hours and that will work on the schedule of each person. The online schools offers  also to nursing students financial aid opportunities. Continue reading

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant

If you’re a certified nursing assistant, you probably got into this field because you want to help people. Most of us did! It’s one of the great perks of becoming a CNA. Like with any job, there are definitely pros and cons. But hopefully, for most of us, there are a lot more pros. So I wanted to take a minute and share some of the things I love most about being a CNA. Continue reading

What is Good Nursing

Nursing defined:

Is it a profession/ occupation or technical discipline? Is it a science or is it art? Nurses themselves cannot agree on a single definition. It involves knowing and doing.

Many colleges consider it a technical program. Because of this designation many people feel that the respect it deserves is not present. There is a move to elevate the designation of nursing to a profession. The majority of the public would view it as a profession and a very honorable one at that. Continue reading

Nursing School Requirements

Before you get recruited in any undergraduate and graduate nursing school programs you have to meet all the Nursing school requirements. This will ensure that your application goes smoothly with no hitches at all. You need to know all the entrance exams that have to be undertaken and all the components you need during application. Getting tips that will ensure your application is successful is also very important. Continue reading

SNO Group: How The Group Can Help You Get Into Nursing School

What do the initials SNO stand for?  (Student Nurses Organization) Most all schools have a chapter of this organization. The big secret is you do not have to be in nursing school to be a member. If you are just beginning your pre-requisites, or just started taking refresher courses for math and considering nursing as a career…. you qualify.

The next step is finding out when they meet. Contact their faculty advisor or get a list of the officers for SNO for this information, ask the nursing office secretary. Continue reading