Nursing School Requirements

Before you get recruited in any undergraduate and graduate nursing school programs you have to meet all the Nursing school requirements. This will ensure that your application goes smoothly with no hitches at all. You need to know all the entrance exams that have to be undertaken and all the components you need during application. Getting tips that will ensure your application is successful is also very important.

Nursing School Requirements

The nursing school requirements before joining an undergraduate program

Applying for an undergraduate nursing program is similar to all college applications. First you have to fill in the application form and the application for federal student aid (FAFSA). These two documents need to be submitted before the deadline. If you are offered an opportunity to visit the school for an interview then you have to attend. Most nursing school lack facilities that would enable them to interview all students as such if you get such an opportunity you need to take it. Other things that are important are:

  • Inclusion of all the transcripts and document needed with your application.
  • You need to have taken the exams required for example the SAT nursing school entrance exam.
  • You also need to apply for any scholarships and grants on offer through the school or any other place.
  • You will need a high school diploma or a GED
  • You also have to meet some of the GPA requirements

When completing the application form you have to do so fully. This will ensure you application is considered. You may get helpful tips by attending nursing workshops, admissions seminars, open houses and informational sessions. Most nursing schools accept students based on the application sent and academic qualifications. Students who have above average scores in math and sciences are preferred.

Some nursing school entrance exams

Not all nursing school will want you to take the nursing school entrance exam. But in case you are asked to you have to be prepared. Below are some of the tests.

  • The pre-admission exam for RN students(PAX-RN) offered by the national league of nursing (NLN)
  • The Test of essential academic skills (TEAS)
  • Nurse entrance test (NET)
  • Health education systems, inc. HESI exam.

The nursing school requirements before joining a graduate program

These programs have become more popular nowadays and many masters programs can be found online. This makes them highly suitable for working RNs and students who cannot access nursing schools easily. You need to do the following if you want to join  such a program;

  • Complete your application and ensure that you submit it on time
  • Ensure you attach all the necessary transcripts with your application
  • Ensure that you have completed all the exams needed for example the GRE
  • Include all letters of recommendation and the application fee when sending your application
  • You need to state your area of specialization and career goals

Before applying you need to read all the requirements and follow all of them when applying. This together with a good academic record will ensure you get a good nursing program.

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