Nursing Programs Requirements

The secret of ” Automatically in the nursing program”

What does the term “automatically in” mean? It sure sounds good. Wouldn’t you love to be “automatically in” without having to go through the competitive application process of most nursing programs.

The only requirement for admission to their nursing program is admittance to the school. That’s how the student Sarah did it. She was admitted to the school and therefore could enter the nursing program. There may be  stipulations to stay in the program where they want you to maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. or no lower than a C- in the nursing classes…..but they pretty much would all allow you to repeat a course if you failed to meet the minimum G.P.A. , so don’t stress about this little catch.

Nursing Programs Requirements

Now that you know you can afford to go to these schools  you will be even more excited with this new information picked up here. Get accepted to the school and you are automatically accepted into the nursing program.

You may find some who have open door policies as well. Probably due to the fact that they don’t have the numbers to fill all the available slots, so they are all open.

Other schools have board of directors for their college that support the philosophy of “all should have an opportunity for education with no limitations on what they want to do or become”. It is this philosophy which leads you to be automatically accepted in the nursing program/ put on a wait list or a lottery system of choosing candidates.

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