How to Get a Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Nursing

This probably sounds crazy to a lot of you who don’t have one degree and you’re asking “why would someone with a degree want another one?”

There are many of you out there who have a bachelor’s degree but want to become a RN. The reasons vary: for example…

  • Hold a degree in an area where it is difficult to get a job or a decent paying job
  • Worked in a field  of study for so many years and really don’t like it anymore/ or never did.
  • Bored and ready for a new challenge
  • Had a life changing experience that is directing them to a new career
  • Pursuing their original interest of nursing, that was derailed by a well-meaning parent or advisor to go in another direction.
Master's Degree

Master’s Degree

Whatever the reason, you may be in luck. There are a lot of RN programs out there who value your education and know that you have already proven that you can finish an education and have the thinking ability to do it. You need to be steered toward those programs that would like to fast track you . What do these programs do for you?

Programs that will let you finish in 12-20 months. Programs who at the end will award you a MN, a Masters in Nursing degree or a BSN ( Bachelors Science Nursing degree). This degree will open up additional doors that an associates degree in nursing would not be able to do. Not all states have these programs. There are even a few programs that have a doctorate option and the end point is an RN. But definitely worth checking it out.

If the master’s degree program is not an option, then ask those questions and pick a program that gives priority/ points for a degree… for admission competitiveness. Use that degree to put you first on the list… but even better pursue those schools that will give you a master’s degree.

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