Follow all the rules online nursing program

This seems too obvious to include. But time and time again, students will assume that not all the rules apply to them. They will try to talk, yell, argue and even lie to show that the rules do not apply to them.

I recently had a student lie about attending an advising appointment. One of our requirements for admission is you must have attended an advising appointment. This student had not done that and was up against the deadline date and no advising appointment was available. Her solution: to create a piece of paper that had some classes handwritten on it and show it to the secretary and tell her that an advisor( specific name given) had given it to her at an advising appointment.


Did she really think that the secretary of 20+ years did not know advisors handwriting? As well as the system for setting appointments and recording information? This student had great grades..A’s! What happened? Her file was flagged as an untrustworthy person…capable of fabricating. I’m not saying a “BIG LIAR” was written on the file. This is property that the student has access tobut, the handwritten note submitted by the student was included in her file along with a note from faculty that she had NOT made an appointment.

Wow, Could we trust this person behind closed doors with at patient? Do we want this type of person in our program? Of course not! She will not be called in for a large formal explanation….she will be quietly denied admission every time she applies. A simple advisor appointment seemed like a stupid unneeded requirement…so she took it upon herself to change the rules to her liking.

Word to the wise. Follow the rules…even if you think they are stupid !…… Truth of the matter, I think this requirement is a bit lame. If a student can figure it out on their own,…then why require the advising appointment. But it was voted upon by the faculty and is part of the admission process and part of the rules. KEEP THEM ALL and do not cheat on any of them. If you think they are “lame”…keep that information to yourself as well.

Things will come back to haunt you if you do not do it right the first time, transcripts are reviewed more than once and falsifications are caught. I’ve had a student ready to graduate, in the process of final review of transcripts for a diploma. It was discovered he had altered a transcript,….needless to say, that student did not graduate or become a nurse. Lots of effort, time, and money down the tubes!!

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