What is a Certified Nursing Assistant

If you’re a certified nursing assistant, you probably got into this field because you want to help people. Most of us did! It’s one of the great perks of becoming a CNA. Like with any job, there are definitely pros and cons. But hopefully, for most of us, there are a lot more pros. So I wanted to take a minute and share some of the things I love most about being a CNA. Continue reading

What is Good Nursing

Nursing defined:

Is it a profession/ occupation or technical discipline? Is it a science or is it art? Nurses themselves cannot agree on a single definition. It involves knowing and doing.

Many colleges consider it a technical program. Because of this designation many people feel that the respect it deserves is not present. There is a move to elevate the designation of nursing to a profession. The majority of the public would view it as a profession and a very honorable one at that. Continue reading

What Are The Requirements to Becoming an EMT?

Do you want to work as an EMT?

Let’s assume that you answered yes since you’re still reading. What do you need to do to get work in the field? What are the next steps in order for you to get started?

Let’s look at EMT requirements and what you need. After conduction some research I wanted to highlight the general preparation that you need to work as an emergency medical technician:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Be over 18.
  • Hold a driver’s license in good standing.
  • Be in good physical health.
  • Complete some sort of EMT program.
  • Be willing to work in a team in a high-pressure environment. Continue reading

How to Get a Nursing Scholarships

There is always a lot of hype around scholarships. And yes they are out there, but I will try to tell you where to go and when to spend the time to fill out those applications and when it is a total waste of your time.

I have a friend who recently went back to school to become a nutritionist. Her grades were good, but not great. She was  just awarded a $6,000 dollar scholarship from the 2 year community college she was attending. This more than paid for all of her expenses for the year of school. How did she do it? Continue reading

The secret of: The follow up

This secret is the one you use to find out WHY you did not get into the program you applied to. Many students avoid doing this because of pride issues. They are upset and sad that they did not get in. To discuss it further is upsetting to them. They are afraid of what might be said about them. It is very important for you to swallow your pride and follow-up. No one likes rejection! But, to improve your odds for applying again and to other programs you will need this information. Continue reading

The secret of: The odds

This is one of the last secrets and might appear as the easiest or the one that makes the most common sense. To increase your odds of getting into nursing school, apply to “A LOT” of nursing schools. Not only should you apply to A LOT, but apply often, I have suggested this method to multiple students only to receive comments like:

  • “That will cost me 30$ for an application fee for every school I apply to!”. My answer…”and you will be making how much an hour to work as a nurse?”…this is equal to what you will make as a nurse in one hour! If you really want to be a nurse, then play the odds and pay the application fee. Continue reading

Different Types of Nursing Jobs

There are many different areas of nursing you can choose from. There is something for everyone. And if down the road, you become bored or maybe you just need a change or a challenge…..nursing has it.  The pay may vary from one area to another. Let’s look at the latest figures for average pay for the different areas of nursing. These are for RN’s.This pay is the average in the U.S. Your area may differ, California is going to be significantly higher and a more rural area of the country may be a bit less. Continue reading

The secret hiring practices at your local hospital: You need to know before picking your school

I just mentioned how my local hospital prefers certain program ADN 2yr. RN’s over certain Universities RN’s. Now…they are not going to advertise this information. This is all secret information that is passed along through back channels. If this information gets out, they could have all kinds of discrimination lawsuits and be charged with unfair hiring practices. So how are you going to get this information?

Easy you are going to call the local hospital or place where you want to work and ask to talk to their nurse recruiter or hiring personnel and you ask:

I am looking at becoming an RN and would like to work for your wonderful hospital someday, could you recommend a school to go to for my RN? Continue reading