Universities with Good Nursing Programs

There are very many Registered nurses (RNs) in United States, there are over 2.6 million and 60 percent of registered nurses work in hospitals. There are very many universities with god nursing programs. For one to be a registered nurse one may choose to follow three main paths which include:

What is the History of Nursing Schools

To understand nursing today and the attitudes that exist around nursing we must look at nursing in the past.

Nursing has existed since the beginning of time, constantly evolving. Those performing this occupation have varied, from gender to occupation. In ancient civilizations like Egypt, it was performed by the priests, like most early cultures, they viewed health and security as keeping the gods happy. Illness meant that some presence of evil spirit was in the possession of the sick patient. To regain health the evil spirits needed to be driven out but, this culture did possess technology for health care. Papyrus books were found dating to 3000B.C. that outline surgical techniques, disease processes and classifications of over 700 drugs. Continue reading

How to Get a Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Nursing

This probably sounds crazy to a lot of you who don’t have one degree and you’re asking “why would someone with a degree want another one?”

There are many of you out there who have a bachelor’s degree but want to become a RN. The reasons vary: for example…

  • Hold a degree in an area where it is difficult to get a job or a decent paying job
  • Worked in a field  of study for so many years and really don’t like it anymore/ or never did.
  • Bored and ready for a new challenge
  • Had a life changing experience that is directing them to a new career
  • Pursuing their original interest of nursing, that was derailed by a well-meaning parent or advisor to go in another direction. Continue reading

The secret of: Getting the perfect job before graduating from nursing school

What do you do to beat the bad reputation of your school and get the competitive edge for the ideal job?

Consider every day that you are providing patient care at a clinical location as a job interview. Be looking for the perfect place to work. How will you know which floor of the hospital or clinical site is the ideal one to work? You will be asking and watching for answers to these questions:

  • Are the nurses happy there and friendly?
  • Are the nurses helpful to the students?
  • Is it a team environment/ where everyone helps each other?
  • Does the nurse manager have great leadership skills and get along with all team members? Continue reading

What is nursing school like?

Nursing school is a full-time endeavor, unless you have found the option of a part-time program (a few exist, but are hard to find) the norm is full time.

The nursing courses will include classroom with a few exceptions of online programs. Your program may be a hybrid program which involves both online and classroom attendance. Most states & national accreditation boards dictate how many hours and general material that needs to be included. Continue reading

Accelerated Nursing Schools

As a result of the nursing shortage experienced all over the United States counter measures were developed one being the accelerated nursing program. This is where a nurse is sent a nurse goes through nursing school much faster than is normally the case so as to increase the number of nurses in the healthcare industry. This program has been going on for quite some time and there are very many Accelerated nursing schools available all through the country. Many more schools that previously did not offer this program have begun offering it to their nursing students. Continue reading

Registered Nursing Schools

Registered nurses are very important and they make up the majority of people who work in the health care industry. They work alongside physicians and other health care professionals in the treatment and educating of patients and the families of these patients. In the United States there are very many registered nursing schools from which an individual may choose to take his/her nursing course.

A degree in nursing is the best foundation for a carrier in the health care field. Most registered nursing schools offer three types of programs as listed below. Continue reading

Private Nursing Schools

Nurses play very important parts in hospitals and other medical care centers all across the globe. They are dedicated to both treating and educating individuals and communities on matters of health care. Before one qualifies as a nurse, one has to under go intense training at any of the nursing schools all over the United States. Private nursing schools are part of this group and many students praise this type of nursing schools. Continue reading

Pediatric Nurse Schools

The pediatric nursing program focuses mainly on children’s medical needs. Most graduate level nursing programs offer the opportunity to focus more on pediatric nursing, but there are also undergraduate- level nursing programs that have course work related to this field. There are nursing schools that offer a combined bachelors and masters’ degree in pediatric nursing field. Continue reading

Nursing School Prerequisites

When you want to join a nursing school, there are a number of requirements that you need to fulfill that will ensure your application is accepted. You have to know what entrance exams need to be done, what is needed in an application and it is also advisable to ask for advice from people who applied successfully to further increase your chance of acceptance. Continue reading