Follow all the rules online nursing program

This seems too obvious to include. But time and time again, students will assume that not all the rules apply to them. They will try to talk, yell, argue and even lie to show that the rules do not apply to them.

I recently had a student lie about attending an advising appointment. One of our requirements for admission is you must have attended an advising appointment. This student had not done that and was up against the deadline date and no advising appointment was available. Her solution: to create a piece of paper that had some classes handwritten on it and show it to the secretary and tell her that an advisor( specific name given) had given it to her at an advising appointment. Continue reading

Getting 85% of your loans paid for by someone else

We have talked about the importance of not working too much in nursing school and how that can influence your success. So the question is how can I live and afford to go to nursing school? If federal grant money, scholarships, employer money that was talked about earlier is not available then you are in need of loans.

There are a multitude of loans available to you. Nursing as an educational pick qualifies you for many loans. You can afford nursing school with the use of these. Some will have deferred interest and all should have deferred payments until graduation from nursing school. Use these resources vs. credit cards or loan sharks. The interest rate and pay back terms will be manageable. Continue reading

Essay Admittance to Nursing School

You may encounter the need to write an essay for admittance to nursing school. It may be titled: a personal statement, letter of intent or definition of nursing. Schools may use these as criteria for admittance to nursing school. Points may be assigned to the essay. Or it might be a pass or fail type criteria.

My school of nursing uses an essay not so much as criteria to get into the program but, it could be used as reason to keep you out. How so?

There are no points assigned to the essay we have students write. We use them to identify red flags for non-admittance vs. for admittance. Essays that show limited use of the English language are definitely a red flag. The essay needs to make sense. Be structurally sound. It needs to show that you can write in English, be understandable and have some type of flow to it. You would be amazed at some of the essays we have received, the grammar and formatting told us right away that this student will not be successful due to their mastery of the English language, regardless of the B grade they received in English 101. We are shocked when we see that type of disconnect between a passing grade in English and what is written. Continue reading

Nursing Programs Requirements

The secret of ” Automatically in the nursing program”

What does the term “automatically in” mean? It sure sounds good. Wouldn’t you love to be “automatically in” without having to go through the competitive application process of most nursing programs.

The only requirement for admission to their nursing program is admittance to the school. That’s how the student Sarah did it. She was admitted to the school and therefore could enter the nursing program. There may be  stipulations to stay in the program where they want you to maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. or no lower than a C- in the nursing classes…..but they pretty much would all allow you to repeat a course if you failed to meet the minimum G.P.A. , so don’t stress about this little catch. Continue reading

Online Nursing Program

Why do people have to study for  online schools? People who have to study online and want to finish their degree are those who are  housewife, working full time and working part time students. With the online schools they will be able to accomplish to finish their degree and fulfill their dream. Listed here are various top online  nursing schools to browse and check on the requirements of each schools.  The benefit of studying online is the flexibility of hours and that will work on the schedule of each person. The online schools offers  also to nursing students financial aid opportunities. Continue reading

Nursing School Requirements

Before you get recruited in any undergraduate and graduate nursing school programs you have to meet all the Nursing school requirements. This will ensure that your application goes smoothly with no hitches at all. You need to know all the entrance exams that have to be undertaken and all the components you need during application. Getting tips that will ensure your application is successful is also very important. Continue reading

SNO Group: How The Group Can Help You Get Into Nursing School

What do the initials SNO stand for?  (Student Nurses Organization) Most all schools have a chapter of this organization. The big secret is you do not have to be in nursing school to be a member. If you are just beginning your pre-requisites, or just started taking refresher courses for math and considering nursing as a career…. you qualify.

The next step is finding out when they meet. Contact their faculty advisor or get a list of the officers for SNO for this information, ask the nursing office secretary. Continue reading

The Secret Of: Government Programs That Pay For Your Nursing School

Let’s talk about other programs besides those talked about in secret # 14.  Many schools offer an additional program called the TRIO-SSSP( not even sure what the initials stand for, only that they always called it the TRIO program). This is a federally funded program to serve associates degree seeking students. Students receive financial aid and other assistance. The school must apply for a grant to be able to administer this program. Continue reading

Good Nursing School

There are very many good nursing schools all over the United States that offer very good nursing programs. The students in such institutions are trained to be registered nurses, nurse specialists and nurse practitioners.  Three of the top good nursing schools that are recognized all over the nation for offering the most comprehensive nursing degree programs include:

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • The University of Washington in Seattle
  • The University of Pennsylvania Continue reading

Accredited Nursing Schools

Accreditation is a self- regulatory process that is voluntary. This is where non governmental organizations will recognize schools and programs which are seen to conform or meet a certain set of standards set for quality education.  Attending an Accredited nursing school is very important. Two national organizations are responsible for accrediting   nursing education programs they include:

  • The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC)  which accredits all  nursing education programs like master’s, baccalaureate, associate’s and diploma
  • The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)   that accredits programs that offer only master’s and baccalaureate level nursing degrees. Continue reading