Accelerated Nursing Schools

As a result of the nursing shortage experienced all over the United States counter measures were developed one being the accelerated nursing program. This is where a nurse is sent a nurse goes through nursing school much faster than is normally the case so as to increase the number of nurses in the healthcare industry. This program has been going on for quite some time and there are very many Accelerated nursing schools available all through the country. Many more schools that previously did not offer this program have begun offering it to their nursing students.

The Accelerated nursing program offered in schools

For an individual to qualify for the accelerated program, he/ she must first complete a bachelor’s degree in any subject. This is even if you have or have not acquired an RN.  Most registered nurses would like to advance their skills and education without necessarily going back to school full time prefer doing the  accelerated BSN degree program as it is very convenient. Those registered nurses who have bachelor degree in other fields of study are also in a position to earn a BSN degree without having to repeat all the basics typical of most degree programs.

Accelerated Nursing Schools

Accelerated Nursing Schools

Even though an individual undertaking the BSN degree program will not necessarily have to retake most of the liberal arts requirements that he/she had done before when undertaking the other degree, there are still those science requirement he/she will have to undertake and they include:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology

The accelerated BSN program is very demanding and intense implying that the individual who can handle it has to be very hardworking, have self motivation and focus on the program because it need a lot of time and effort for one to successfully complete this program.

Accelerated nursing Course Requirements

The accelerated baccalaureate programs (BSN) and accelerated master’s nursing degree programs (MSN) in the U.S. at first did not have very many programs, but currently there are over 168 accelerated BSN programs and 50 MSN programs. There are other additional 46 accelerated BSN programs that are being created.

If you have had previous training, such as taking advanced EMT training (like this) than some programs will let you skip the first section of a nursing program.

The main advantage of the accelerated BSN program is that it takes a very short period of time about 12 to 18 months. When an individual chooses to advance to the accelerated MSN and it would take about three years inclusive of the BSN (AACN). After completing this, the individual may be a nurse practitioner, a clinical nurse specialist, a nurse anesthetic, or a nurse midwife.

Most new accelerated nursing students lack sufficient clinical experience before they join the BSN program. This is why when they undertake this program they have to complete very many credits and at the same time be exposed to lots of clinical experience. This would proof very important later on in their carrier. For an individual to be accepted into the accelerated nursing program by most schools ne is required to have at least a minimum of 3.0 GPA from the degree they have already completed.

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